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Case Management

Case Management

Fairweather's case management services are designed to improve the health status of employees while reducing company health care costs and staffing costs incurred by employee absences. Professional case management helps coordinate health care services by creating a pathway of communication between corporate offices and medical departments, allowing for an open exchange of information. Fairweather's case management program is supported and staffed by Careplan registered nurses, as well as Fairweather's own medical professionals. Careplan is an Alaska-based company with a history of providing quality case management support to many of Alaska's largest companies since 1999.


  • Provide early notification and intervention to reduce the duration of employee illnesses and injuries
  • Validate and monitor medically necessary work restrictions and accommodations
  • Provide consistent and efficient communication between all departments
  • Achieve a reduction in costs through coordinated services
  • Reduce time-away-from-work cases through proper management
  • Provide referrals for a physician capacity evaluation for ADA and fit-for-duty cases
  • Improve coordination of care and services for the employee


  • Experienced RN case managers
  • Paramedic on call 24/7/365 for transport coordination
  • Relationship between Fairweather and physician-staffed clinics in Anchorage and Kenai with a comprehensive understanding of aggressive first aid guidelines
  • Coordination of lodging/appointments for employees who reside outside of Anchorage
  • Anchorage-based medical director and health team manager

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